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Saintonge Romane

The countryside and its historic buildings, the people's way of life and their activities which vary from village to village are just some of the components of the inexhaustible beauty of one of the most visited departments in France. The town of Saintes, a bridgehead on the Charente, is the historic capital of the Gallo-Roman area of the Santones tribe, of the medieval province and its diocese. It remains an architectural gem. The important buildings stand out, weaving a subtle urban tapestry.

In the surrounding area, as far as the Rochefort marshes and the Saintonge valley, each village has its Romanesque church. One arrives naturally at Saintes, the heart of the province, before exploring the surrounding area. All the principal roads have crossed here since time immemorial.

la CharenteThe Charente is there, following its indolent route; its gentle, soft landscape has its surprises. Little fields and great prairies, vines and woods, streams and little rivers, but also chalk cliffs and floodplains and even some deep sided little valleys form the patchwork.

St Jean d'AngelyRoman Art is ever present, but in the middle of this Roman anthology there are two churches we suggest are worth visiting as they offer an unexpected alternative. The first is Fléac-on-the-Seugne which allies late Mediaeval Gothic architecture with the first flamboyant signs of the Renaissance. From Pons to Archiac the vine is queen and the countryside is dominated by the production of the grape, destined to become one of the most famous brandies in the world.

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