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The Duterrau Family

John Francis Duterrau c.1805 engraved by his cousin Benjamin, who in 1840 painted the great Australian historical epic The ConciliationFrom a portrait of our best known ancestor, a Bond Street watchmaker and jeweller, I developed an interest in our Huguenot family.

In writing this history, I have attempted to show how the Duterraus and their descendants lived since they first arrived in England possibly with William III’s army.

Their occupations have been steadily middle class. Watch-makers, embroiderers, several artists, one a notable Australian painter, hatters; teaching, journalism, play writing, medicine and nursing, engineering, several career soldiers, a few clerics, tax officers, lawyers, judges and other civil service employees. Judicious marriages have brought some into the aristocracy and the upper bourgeoisie, with the attendant wealth, but there have been some notable variations of fortune within families. Several young men died in action during both world wars.

The Duterrau FamilyMost have worked hard and made the best use of their talents, although one notable black sheep overstretched himself. As a young man trying to make his fortune, he resorted to theft and was sentenced to transportation to Australia. He married an heiress but then committed bigamy and was divorced in 1858/9 (the first year when divorce began to be possible for ‘ordinary people’ – albeit for those who had the funds to afford it!) He was much loved by his family of daughters.

As early as the eighteenth century some descendants travelled widely, even in old age – to India, Jamaica, Australia, South Africa and Nigeria.

In the twenty first century this Huguenot family continues to maintain its Protestant work ethic world wide and a social conscience still prevails.

Names in this book

Duterrau and its variants

Aveling, Bergerey, Bevans, Bogle, Brandt, Brown, Brownlow, Butcher, Chambers, Chantry, Chartier, Clifford, Conolly, Cook, Crighton, Culverwell, Daval, De Coudre, Denne, De Rosar, Dennis, Erle, Fossey, French, Gente, Glossop, Grellier, Gush, Harris, Heesom, Helot, Heslop, Hine, Hobbs, Honore, Kennerly, Lancaster, Langley, Latham, Lhonorey, Mallock, Marley, Masquerier, Miller, Millner, Orpen, Perigal, Phillips, Pownall, Priestman, Quintrell, Redhead, Reynish, Robinson, Salter, Savile, Shepherd, Shimwell, Simpson, Turner, Webb, Westmacott, Whatmough, Wheeler, Whellens, Whyte, Woolf



Early Duterraus in England

Descendants of Jane Sarah Duterrau and John Bogle

Children of John Francis Duterrau and Matilda

Children of Matilda Sarah Duterrau and Charles Latham


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